The purpose of arranging this company profile book is to introduce Haji Darjad Hospital to community. Because, as aphorism says that “ Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang “ means that we have to introduce our selves to community in order to make them know our exixtence.

We hope by this book, community will know and familiar about RSHD in detail and clear, about the facilities or even the service in Haji Darjad Hospital and also about health information given by RSHD.

We ask for your deep apology, if there is something unpleasures to your heart about this book presentation. Hopefully, it will not be disappointed to outsiders who are not mentioned.

In conclusion , aphorism says “ Tiada Gading yang Tak Retak “ that’s why we hope to your suggestion and input for the perfect ness of this book. We also want to say thanks for support and help from outsiders who have helped untuil the book arranged.

“Always success RSHD”