Firstly, I want to say thanks to Almighty God, because of His Bless we are able to build Haji Darjad Hospital. Also because of his bless, we were able to do Soft Opening declaration where had done on June 4th 2003. We also had done some activities in the area of RSHD with all employees before that activity, such as healthy jogging, some competition and in the peak of this event we had familiarity might show for the management and employess of RSHD.

We try and make serious efforts to make RSHD become a hospital which prepares a high quality and high dedication means, infrasturcture and human resources in the field of healthy services. We have cooperated with the other in order to support this program.

Hopefully , this book can give a vision and explanation about Haji Darjad Hospital for other side who wants to get our healthy services.

We want to say thank you for a support of other who have helped us to give the best services to the patient. We really need input, criticize and suggestion from other for the development of Haji Darjad Hospital.

In conclusion, permit us to get your deep apology if there are things unpleaseres we have done.

May Almighty God will always be with us.

Thank you

H.M. Mas’ud Darjad